Barrain group

SARL Barrain’s core business is the development of extrusion tools and that will not change in future. 

Besides that, a new activity has been launched in 2008/2009. This new activity is the Research & Development of Hemp-PVC extrusion.
The idea of extruding Hemp-PVC was already a long time plan of Christophe Barrain as the combination of Hemp-fibers with PVC results in a extruded product that has many unique advantages such as being extremely strong, flexible, long life time and hardly having any expansion. 
During the last years,  regional farmers have contacted Christophe Barrain to see if his know how in extrusion could become an alternative for the decreasing hemp consumption and sales.
This has resulted in a new company that is called Agro Chanvre, indirectly related to the Barrain company. 
Main targets are to find new markets for new Hemp-PVC products. Christophe Barrain’s long experience in WPC (Wood-Plastic-Composites) has contributed to this new success formula. The perfect combination of ecological and economical advantages.
More information can be found at the website www.agrochanvre.com.
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