SARL Barrain (since 1999) has developed rapidly as the number one french extrusion tooling expert, with ISO 9001 certification. Since several years, Barrain already was the specialist in France for mainly bigger PVC extrusion tools, with or without co-extrusion technology. Since a few years we have been selling our quality extrusion tools also outside of France and we expanded our extrusion technologies.
This market approach has lead to cooperation with new Partners in new countries.

Two big changes have occurred during the last years:
1. Geographic development
In the past there was full concentration on the French market
The quantity of the different langiages show that our new export market approach has been successful. Various new contacts in various European countries.
2. Technology and innovation development:
- Development and higher concentration on competiveness in smaller PVC tools.
- Technical profiles in various plastics such as PMMA, PP, PE, POM, PSU etc.
- WOOD and other vegetations like Hemp combined with PVC, ABS, PE, PP etc.   
- Foamed extrusion, with and without co-extrusion layer.
Recent developments:
- The latest development on FOAMED extrusion is a window profile, completely or partly extrduded with FOAMED material, with on the surface a coextrusion layer. This new technology has been patented in Europe! 
- Lately, we also offer production of profiles for a limited period of time for our customers. This production will be done on same extruder that we also used for the Fine Tuning of the extrusion mould's profile(s).
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