Flexibility, innovation and empathy
You start as Customer, soon we will be Partners

Together with the Customer, Barrain proposes the best customer-made-solution. Barrain sells the extrusion tooling that you would like to have.
We are a flexible company and we ensure to remain flexible also in future.
The accumulated experience, the available know how and the desire to improve are the basic parts for our innovation strength.
It is the right combination of Barrain’s Know-How, experience, empathy and flexibility that assures you the best solutions for your company.
Before making our first quotation, we prefer to visit your production facilities first and have a discussion there. Our offer should fit to your needs.
We can help you with the product drawing until the Fine Tuning of the extrusion tool on your extruders in your factory (our international Technicians speak English and German language).
At the same time, you are welcome to visit our extrusion tooling factory in the Western part of France, in the so called Basse Normandie, about 40 km from the well-known Mont St Michel.


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