You start as Customer, soon we will be Partners

These are our strong points:
-   Quality (general quality and output)
-   Competive prices with other European suppliers (quality-price-relation) 
-   After Sales Service  
-   Small flexible company 
-   Personal contacts  

Despite our continued growth, it is not our intention to grow beyond our capacities; we prefer to remain flexible with a motivated team in a flat and reliable organistion.

For a good quality, you need experience, know how, empathy, an enthusiastic team and last but not least our French flexibility. Also the technical equipment should be up to date.

For that, we have the Engineering and Design Department, which is well equipped with:
-    AutoCad and Solidedge CAD/CADD work stations
-    Master CAM and GO ELAN CAM working stations
Also our Technical is right up to date, we have the following factory tools:
-    DECKEL MAHO machining centers
-    Rapid spark machining drills
-    Latest generation CHARMILLES ROBOFIL cutting machines
-    PLEXIGLASS machining centers
-    Laser welders
Several extruders from major European suppliers, for testing your profiles
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